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Thank you come to New Product Developing, here is the project that we have make molds for new innovation product of customer from US, CA, Mexico, UK, Germany, Holland, Spain, Portugal, France, Iran, Irish and Australia etc., The following is the product we make before, and it is agree with custom to publish.The following information is Flyup!

Flyup- over mold making, hot runner mold for POM plastic.

The Flyup is made of three parts, base, cover and handle. The handle is over TPU outside. It could make over mold or two shot mold for it. Consider to save cost for new product developing, we offer over mold making solution, it could save much cost and easy for molding production.

The difficult technoology is POM plastic, it is very difficult to test molding machine, what is more, there are 8 undercuts and the visible surface must be high polishing. We make 3 times mold trial and finish the project with the lead time 8 weeks, many thanks for Professional Mold Facotory Assistant, as we have stronge Integrative capacity.

  • Product Name: Base
  • Product Name: Cover
  • Product Name: Handle
  • Mold No.: MP13015
  • Mold No.: MP13016
  • Mold No.: MP13017
  • Plastic: ChiMei PA 757
  • Plastic: DELRIN 500PNC010
  • Plastic: Chimei-PC 110 + TPU
  • Surface Finish: SPI D1
  • Surface Finish: SPI A1
  • Surface Finish: SPI D1
  • Remark: None
  • Remark: Inverse Mold
  • Remark: Over Mold
  • flyup-cover
  • Exhalefan
  • flyup-base-mold
  • flyup-cover-mold
  • flyup-over-mold
  • flyup-handle
  • flyup--grip
  • flyup-base